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US : 39899 Balentine Drive, Suite 200, Newark, California, 94560, United States of America

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What we believe

We are able to deliver stellar results and delightful customer experiences because of the core beliefs that guide our organization:

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The Different Stages of Development That We Follow:

Assessment and analysis:

The first step to delivering value is to understand the situation of the client. We don’t look at what the customer wants us to create, we look at why the customer wants us to create it, so we ensure that we achieve the real objective.

Specification building:

Once we finalize the sales and marketing needs of the client, we start working on creating the specifications of the perfect solution. We look at different technologies and approaches to weigh them against each other.

Design and development:

The finalization of the specification leads to the development of the solution. Our expert team of web developers uses their skills to create dependable solutions that work efficiently.


We prefer to test our solutions in as many adverse situations as possible. We do load testing as well, to make sure that your business keeps growing without a hiccup in your online presence.


After we have tested the solution the next step is to implement it over to the client’s server. We closely monitor the whole process and do one more phase of testing after implementation.

Maintenance and updating:

Once the solution is working, we make sure that it keeps working by providing support and maintenance whenever required. We also keep our clients updated by implementing the latest upgrades for them.

who we are

Our Engagement Models:

Project based model:

In project-based work, we work until a particular project is completed. Our experts will lay out the requirements of the project as well as the total price of the project. A project has a set deadline and we make sure that we meet the deadline. Note that in project-based work it is assumed that the specifications of the project will not vary widely after the project’s design phase has been completed.

Pricing models:

We can also work with a fixed price model. You let us know what your budget is for the project, and we will let you know what magic we can create while sticking to that budget. We are known for delivering unparalleled solutions in the pricing models because of our great pricing strategy. We understand that our vision shouldn’t be limited by our budget, which is why we work hard to deliver more than you expected while spending less than you expected.

Dedicated resource model:

Our experts were in such high demand that we had to create a dedicated resource model. You can choose to get a permanently dedicated resource for your organization. Our experts have more than a decade of experience, and they will work closely with you, exclusively on your project, and use their experience and skills to help solve any issues you may face. You can choose how many resources you want and how long do you want to use their services for.